Today I have started using RemobObjects DataAbstract after looking at it over the last six months. Its not a bad product. Today I am writing a little utility that has to work with Paradox. I could choose to use the old tried and true method of using TTables directly. But with not a lot of more work I will have have a database gnostic version that could later be easily pulled a part and made a part of my main application for this customer which I am converting to partly use a remobjects middle tier.
Remobjects DataAbstract is built on top of their RemobObjects SDK product and SDK is included in the DA box. It allows you to create a local server, meaning you can create an application with N tier logic but not have separate exes. This is good for small or what might be at first only single user applications that can easily be split up into separate ties later on. It has taken me some time to get a grip of the product and documentation is not brilliant. They tend to rely on the newsgroups for support, but with me being in a different timezones, I usually have to wait for the next day to get any answers to problems I have. However so far I like the product.

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