I backed myself into a corner abit with the utility I was doing with me last post. I still ended up using the remobjects dataabstract for the data access which makes it database gnostic. However I took out the server logic stuff. It was just too complex to do I what I wanted to do. But you get that.

In the course of the day yesterday I was requested by the customer to create a little quick and dirty report from a paradox database via csv for import into a spreadsheet. Has a problem though with “Internal Operating System Error” it then mentioned a particular table involved in the query. What is interesting with this client is that they have a soon to be retired 16 bit delphi (delphi 1) app running without a problem using this particular file which was the invoice line table. Late last night I used a “rebuild” utility of my making which simply creates a new copy of a template table and copies all records to it, replacing the original. After that I didn’t have a problem with the query.

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