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I find I am at a crossroads.  I have over 20 years of Delphi development experience.  Despite Embarcadero’s best effort, Delphi is slipping as far as popularity and to stay in the game I need to diversify.  I have been looking at C#.  It certainly has a number of things going for it.  So I have started moving from Delphi to C#. Learning a new language can be a bit daunting though when you have been stuck to one for so long.  But persistence and determination will pay off.

Been exploring for a couple of months and like what I see:

  • C# is object oriented.
  • C# has all of the reflection and run time type information and more that Delphi has.
  • Data binding in C# is far superior and easier to use, although I am still back with Delphi XE4 with that.  There is no having to create special adapters and treat them like a dataset.
  • The philosophy behind C# appears in some ways familiar to a Delphi programmer (not surprising give the history behind it).  For example the way the interfaces are declared and implemented in classes.
  • C# has drag and drop UI design capabilities that are not a lot unlike that of Delphi.
  • The community edition of visual studio only a download away it.  This is very attractive for a single professional developer.
  • Very large on line community presence of C# and .net .
  • Extensive documentation at least on line.
  • The availability of the Mono project for development of Linux and Mac OSX applications.
  • Along with Mono is the availability of Xamarin for mobile applications.
  • There is a significant amount of third party and open source libraries and frameworks.
  • The ability to implement design patterns are well supported.

The more I play with C# the more comfortable I am with.  I’ll talk a bit more of my learning and transition from Delphi to C# as time goes on in the hope someone may find it helpful and interesting.

2 Replies to “My Programming Career Crossroads: Switching From Delphi To C#”

  1. Hey mate, you do know that C# was developed by the guy who did Delphi?
    Yup, Microsoft headhunted Anders Hejlsberg from Borland back in ’96 – that was the gradual slow death of Delphi, and the eventual rise of MS development, sad to say.

    1. And it is obvious some ideas were brought from Ander’s experience with Delphi plus many ideas from other languages. Like of all us as we move on our ideas and knowledge expands, so obviously have the authors and contributors to c#.

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