It has been a little while since I posted.  I though I’d present an overview on my programming c# journey over the last couple of years.  I have enjoyed using C# and use it most of the time now.  I have used it in a couple of paid commissioned projects and use it for my own projects I hope to sell.

As with anything new, progress seems slow and painful.  It can be fustrating when you are starting out with a new language, platform and environment, how slow it seems to accomplish anything because of the learning curve.  This is true of my c# journey.  This is complicated when you try out new tools and libraries for the various platforms and frameworks.

The paid commissioned projects along my c# journey I have done have been WPF projects.  Other stuff I have worked on is a Xamarin android project – a simple timer for starters.  I have other Xamarin projects on the go as well.  I have used sqlite and postgresql for the data storage.  I am also currently cutting my teeth on a web application using .net core razor pages.

Also, in this c# journey, some libraries I have used or played with which I will write about over time are MVVMLight, ReactiveX, ReactiveUI, AutoFac, XUnit, LiteDB, FluentValidation, FluentMigration, Dapper, Dapper Extensions, Dapper FastCrud, BrightstarDB and Linq2DB.

My favourite MVVM framework is ReactiveUI.  I like the reactive ui framework itself, but it is the reactive programming theory I like.  I will write about this later also.

My favourite database ORM library so far in the c# journey is Linq2DB.  It doesn’t have the overhead of entity framework, but allows you to use Linq.  I have only just begun to use it.  Documentation and information is hard to find but worth the dig.  I will write about what I have learnt with some how-tos in the future.